"Sophia Loizou does rave archeology with flair on her second album, adding levels of narrative and fuzzy-headed emotion to her Burial-esque application of drones, noise and ambient. Pirate radio deconstructions feel like a familiar wheeze now, but few do it with such a personal vision." FACT Magazine

"Rave archeology has turned out to be not so much a trend as a functioning mode for a whole crop of experimental electronic musicians, following the lead of Burial, Lee Gamble and others by deconstructing 1990's club music with a wistful, if not outright naustalgic ear. Loizou's particular approach is to combine fragments of old rave tracks and pirate radio transmissions with a mass of field and archive recordings, rarely using synthesised sounds. Even when making her sources more obvious, like the clever retooling of an Origin Unknown classic into a soaring drone meditation on "Glimpses of Death", it feels as if she's grasped a personal memory and painstakingly recreated it for us, letting us in on an emotional narrative rather than simply a musical one." The Wire Magazine